Bahamas Wedding Packages

Bahamas wedding packages made easy by with guaranteed best prices, expert advice and low deposits. Nassau and Paradise Island together are one of our most popular destinations for a Caribbean wedding.

Why are the Bahamas so popular for all-inclusive Caribbean destination wedding?

  • Easy to get to from anywhere in the USA
  • Flight cost is low
  • Couples-only resorts & resorts for all ages
  • The white sand and turquoise waters make a beautiful wedding backdrop
  • Nassau has great shopping areas
  • Nassau has nightlife and the casino at Atlantis is BIG

We recommend you request a quote, so we can make sure you get the best deal.

Since our most frequent question is how much does the wedding cost, we hope this site will help you easily see that if you get a quote for the rate on the resort and see the price on several wedding packages, you can get an idea of what your wedding will cost. You’ll need to price the travel and wedding separate, then simply add them together.

Wedding Tip:   Island Hopping: The Exumas are part of the out islands of the Bahamas and totally different than the Nassau & Paradise Island area of the Bahamas, which we refer to as the Manhattan of the Caribbean. You can very easily get married in Nassau and take a really short flight to Exuma for your honeymoon. Exuma happens to have an incredible Sandals Resort:)

Best Bahamas Wedding Resorts

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