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Getting Started with your All Inclusive Caribbean Wedding

When planning an all inclusive destination wedding in the Caribbean, getting started is the hardest part and we know that. Below we give you some simple general advice to help you take the first steps. Don't make the process complicated. Choose a date. Choose a destination. Choose a resort. Choose a time of day. Show up and say "I do"! Ok, maybe it's not that easy, but we are here to help:) We also give you a general procedure list and some items to consider when you're starting your all inclusive Caribbean wedding planning.

Getting Started with Your Caribbean Wedding

Getting Started with Your Caribbean Wedding

 Where to Go?

The easiest destinations and usually the least expensive to fly to are Jamaica, Cancun and the Bahamas. If you expect many guests, you'll want to make sure you pick an island that is easy to get to. Most guests will do 3 night packages, so if you pick an island, i.e. Palm Island, your 3 night guest will spend the majority of their vacation on an airplane or in the airport. If just the 2 of you are eloping, then you don't need to consider this.

You might have a short list of must haves, and our agents can help you with that. If you are looking for the bluest water and the whitest sand, consider Negril, Turks and Caicos, Antigua and the Bahamas. If you want to have the best shopping in the Caribbean, choose St. Thomas or any destinations, where the cruise ships stop. The Bahamas, Cozumel and Turks and Caicos are known for their scuba diving, if that is your passion. Cancun and Aruba have tons of nightlife options.

How Long to Stay?

Our typical wedding couple usually spends a week in the Caribbean. We urge you to stay as long as possible. If you are planning on guests, normally they choose 3 or 4 night packages.

How much will it cost?

The first question most of you ask is "how much does it cost"? That’s a little like asking how much does it cost to buy a house. The total cost for our typical wedding couples is in the ball park of $5,000 total for the 2 of you. We've arrange packages for much less and very much more, but that is a very typical final cost for a couple. You can use our pricing feature at the right to get an idea of the costs. If you are trying to find a resort that prices right for your guests, this price and book feature is very handy. Most 3 night packages for guests will end up costing them between $800 to $1200 with airfare and a 3 night all inclusive stay. 

Step by Step Caribbean Wedding Procedure:

  • Reserve a Travel Package (Resort and Flights)
  • Reserve Wedding Date and Time
  • Put Deposit on Travel Package
  • Put Deposit on Wedding Package (Must deposit even on Free Weddings)
  • Start gathering necessary documents for travel and the wedding
  • 60 days prior make sure all documents have been sent to the resort
  • 45 days prior make final payment on travel package
  • 45 days prior order all extra wedding options
  • 21 days prior receive your travel documents
  • Be at the airport early to get a space to hang your dress
  • Meet with the wedding co-ordinator the day after you arrive to finalize details
  • Get Married

As you can see our list covers all the travel and destination details. We also list a few other items that you might want to do right after you choose your travel package.

  • Set up a wedding website
  • Set up a wedding registry
  • Send out save the date announcements
  • Send out invitations
  • Start planning a welcome home reception party

Basic Inclusions for your Caribbean Wedding at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort:

  • Licensed Marriage Official
  • Decorated Location
  • Witnesses if needed
  • Personal Wedding Coordinator
  • Bouquet for the Bride and Boutonniere for the groom
  • Cake and Champagne
  • Taped Music

Popular Extra Inclusions for your Caribbean Wedding: (additional charges apply) 

  • Photography and Videography Packages
  • Live Music
  • Private Dinners
  • Extra Flowers
  • Day Passes for guests to attend that are staying elsewhere
  • Private Tours
  • Personalized Momentos
  • Spa Packages

Don’t assume since you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort that you can’t incur additional charges. When you want anything private, you’ll have to pay extra. Most resorts include a private wedding reception with cake and champagne for a limited amount of persons.