Planning Your All Inclusive Caribbean Wedding

Planning Your All Inclusive Caribbean Wedding

Let’s get started – The Planning Process

When planning your all inclusive Caribbean wedding, getting started is the hardest part and we know that. Don’t make the process complicated. Choose a date. Choose a destination. Choose a resort. Choose a time of day. Show up and say “I do”!

Ok, maybe it’s not that easy, but we are here to help. Below is the general procedure.

Step 1, Determine your budget. You don’t have to be exact, but you need a good general idea.

Some couples are looking for a free wedding. A free wedding isn’t that difficult if you don’t mind a simple ceremony and you bring a group. Or you can often get a free wedding by purchasing an upgraded honeymoon room/suite for 7 nights at many resorts.

Or maybe you are looking for something more grand. An epic wedding package at Sandals Resorts for up to 140 people is only $13,900. The Beyond Memorable package at Secrets Resorts, Dreams Resorts and Breathless Resorts for up to 100 guests is only $14,399.

This is the bride and groom’s day, so we always encourage you to pick the resort that you want. Having said that, we often check the price for guests’ stay to make sure you have chosen an all inclusive wedding resort that fits your group.

One last reminder is to keep in mind you’ll have 2 separate packages. You’ll need to make sure you budget for the cost of the wedding and the cost of your travel package. An average 6 nights all inclusive resort stay with airfare is in the range of $5,000 to $8000.

Step 2, Choose an Island and Choose a Resort.

The destination and resort you will depend on a variety of factors- personality, budget, length of stay, legal vs. symbolic ceremonies, number of guests, etc. You have to balance these factors to make the right choice. We’ve been helping with this choice for 25+ years, so let us help.

Step 3, Set your wedding date and time.

We’ll make sure the resort is available and your wedding date and time are available. If you have a specific venue in mind (i.e. over the water chapel), we’ll need to verify availability for that also.

Step 4, Deposit and Confirm the Ceremony package and the Travel package

This process varies depending on whether you are eloping, bringing a small group or reserving a room block of 10+ rooms. You don’t need to worry. We’ll walk you through the whole process.

Step 5, Get your guest list together and notify everyone

Either have your guests contact your personal agent or have guests visit your wedding web page if you are doing a group of 10+ rooms.

Step 6, Have your Initial Wedding planning session with the resort

We’ll help set up the initial planning session. We normally aren’t too involved in the ceremony part, but we are always here if you need us. You’ll meet with the resort’s dedicated wedding staff and get the ceremony planning started.

Step 7, Get your Legal Documents together

Normally, you’ll need to get together certified copies of you birth certificates, certified copies of any legal documents that resulted in your name changing, and certified copies of your passports.

Step 7, Let us take care of the rest

Prepare to show up and say “I Do!”. The wedding coordinators will walk you through the ceremony details and we’ll take care of all the travel arrangements. If you have a group, we’ll keep you updated on the rooming list.

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Important Dates:

2 Months Prior

  • Resort should have all the documents they need from you
  • All travel should arrangements should be set
  • Ceremony details should be finalized or at least close to finalized

21 Days Prior

  • E-Travel Documents go out to all attendees

Travel Day

  • Make sure you’re at the airport early, at least  3 hours prior

Day After Arrival

  • Meet with the wedding co-ordinator to finalize and confirm details

Wedding Day

  • Say “I Do”!
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More Caribbean Wedding Planning Services

  • If you want to to do a Sandals® Test Drive or a Love at First Site at Secrets® or Dreams® Resorts or a similar package with our other preferred resorts, we are happy to set that up for you free of charge.
  • If you want us to set up visits to multiple resorts at a destination, we can set that up for you. Fees vary depending on what you are looking to do.
  • We don’t involve ourselves in the ceremony event planning, but all our preferred resort partners have full wedding staffs. If we are ever needed, we’ll happily assist.
  • If you would like someone from Honeymoons, Inc. to escort the group, we can do that. We normally do not escort the group. Fees may apply.

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